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Wordpressi maintenance service

The best things need regular care

Owning a WordPress page is not always the safest experience. The convenient management interface and intuitive architecture are positive aspects of the platform deployment, but thanks to the very widespread distribution of WordPress, the software has also become the largest target of attacks. For example, clients have received calls from the State Information Systems Authority that their site is malicious, sites are hacked and spam is being sent from the domain. For the most part, these problems have been caused by non-upgraded and unsecured WordPress.

It is precisely these problems that our service has been created to solve. We work with preventive security monitoring and maintenance to reduce the number of possible attacks and keep your website up and running.

Business class backup

In case you accidentally delete something from the content management or break some layout, we will restore the backup for free. The standard web hosting recovery service is usually paid for and in the worst case, it also takes the entire day to complete the email exchange. It is very easy to restore even one file from our backup.


By using the remote monitoring service of our website, you are relieved of the additional responsibility (security monitoring, maintenance) associated with WordPress web. In principle, it would be like a car mechanics are with you on a road and doing maintenance. Theft of your information from a hacked WordPress site might not be that bad, but the prosecution by the state institutions for hacking into civic computers or for distributing personal information probably doesn’t count on anyone’s business plan.


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  • Regular security monitoring
    • You no longer have to worry about the security of your WordPress site.
    • Fewer calls / emails from state institutions.
  • Current security fixes
    • Compatibility checked by professionals
    • Your site is no longer “broken” because the installation was not skilful
  • Regular and full backups
    • Unlike web hosting, recovery is free (including individual files)
  • Monthly site optimization
    • Thanks to its unique structure, the WordPress site can go slow without care – no more. We regularly optimize your site to ensure that the page is quickly opened and responsive.
  • Malware and “blacklist” monitoring
    • We regularly scan for malware and blacklists. If possible, we will remove your site from blacklist and keep the site accessible to everyone.